Online learning and support during Covid-19 Alert Level 4

As we all adjust to our new situation, it is important that our akonga feel cared for and supported in their learning. Over the next 3 days, our akonga will move to an online learning programme. Today, contact will be made through our Ohu mentor and subject teachers, to connect your kohine with her mahi, accessed through the Google Drive. Should online learning be extended beyond these next 3 days, a timetable will be issued in which all akonga will have daily contact with their Ohu mentor and sit 3 virtual online learning classes a day.

Please be assured that all teachers and akonga have been prepared for these situations. It was timely that in our curriculum meeting yesterday afternoon, all teachers went through our directed study, online learning preparations. In this way, we can ensure you that learning and progress continues. If you have any concerns or if your kohine is experiencing anxiety through this online learning programme please make contact with her Ohu teacher. Much love and blessings to you all.

Nāku nei Stephanie Clifton