Hostel at Hukarere

“Our location is our prized promotion and many parents and whānau are inspired by our setting in which Hukarere resides. I can confidently say our boarders love the Hostel and enjoy the living environment,” – Hostel Manager Amelia Kaui.

Boarders at Hukarere forge strong friendships and learn good study and work habits in a safe and secure environment overseen by caring supportive adults. They are all welcome to make the most of our sports, recreational and academic facilities, both during and after school hours and on weekends.

Hukarere provides opportunities for students to develop socially, spiritually and personally by providing each student with a tailored learning experience. Study and homework are an important aspect of the hostel routine with girls being supported and challenged in their academic aspirations and social development while being nurtured to be future leaders.

Our boarders develop independence, self-reliance and the highest personal standards to equip them for the challenges of the 21st century, where we are confident that they will thrive.

We promote a healthy, caring attitude towards others – characterised by a spirit of tolerance and genuine concern for one another (sisterhood) and this is a tangible by-product of the special character that Hukarere develops within each student. Sunday Chapel services are an integral part of life at Hukarere.

The hostel at Hukarere Girls’ College has 9 staff including hostel supervisors, chefs and a cleaner. The hostel can accommodate 74 boarders across three main areas named to honour the Historical significance of Hukarere.

  1. Quad – (To be renamed to Mataruahou in 2022) this houses junior students in Year 9 and 10
  2. Tautoko/Te Rangimarie – (To be renamed to Wiremu and Mere Haana in 2022) houses Year 11 students.
  3. Reremoana – houses Year 12 and 13 students.

General Information: 
Study: Study is a vital part of the Hostel routine. It is a time for school work, study or wellbeing and life skill workshops that are
run intermittently throughout the school year. Boarders are encouraged to clarify their evening’s work requirements prior to
commencing study i.e. once prep time has started there is to be no borrowing equipment (pens, pencils, etc), no phone calls
or any other inappropriate interruptions. Student activities and outings during this time are discouraged in order to minimise disruptions to Study. All students must recognise the importance of a genuine study ethic and commit themselves to a disciplined routine of evening preparation. Study is conducted under the supervision and guidance of the on-duty Supervisors. Any request to miss Study must be
cleared with the Hostel Manager. Study is held from Sunday – Thursday nights, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Chapel: Chapel is an integral part of the special character of Hukarere Girls’ College. Chapel services happen every Sunday at
10am and are attended by all weekend boarder’s. Types of service vary from in-hostel services with the Chaplain, services at
Eskdale Church or trips to the Anglican Cathedral in Napier.
It is not compulsory for every student to belong to the Anglican Church, although we do ask for open-heartedness and
participation of the girls in Te Hāhi Mihinare while attending Hukarere.

Daily Routine:
6am: All boarders woken with karakia
7am: Breakfast in the Dining Room
7.30am: Duties and rooms to be completed
8.05am: Laptops issued and lunch picked up
8.35am: Duties finished ready for school. Hostel closed for the day
3.15pm: Cell phones issued. Uniforms handed in for washing/drying
4.30pm: Uniforms available to be collected for ironing and uniform check
3.15pm-5pm: Time on devices, uniform ironing, free time.
5pm: Dinner
5.30pm: Dinner duties begin
6.15pm: Cell phone hand-in.
6.30pm: Study in the Dining Room.
8.30pm: Study finishes. Supper.
8.45pm: Everyone to their dorms.
9pm: Junior lights out
9:30pm: Year 11 lights out
10pm: Year 12 & 13 lights out

To find out more about scholarships, click here Alternatively, call the Hostel Manager on (06) 835 8452 or email