Fee Schedule

Te Aute Trust Board’s (Proprietors for the colleges) Vision Statement for our Schools: 

  • To send out young leaders who have achieved their potential in all areas of learning and personal development. Attending our Kura will prepare Rangatahi to be competent and confident in the practice and knowledge of Te Reo me ōna Tikanga, while demonstrating Christian values and meeting the challenges of this changing world in their daily lives.
  • Our Colleges are Special Character schools based on the unique balance of Te Ao Māori me Te Ao Pākehā, where students walk confidently in both worlds.
  • Our team of dedicated teachers and hostel staff work together to inspire rangatahi to realise their potential both personally and as contributing members of society locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Our Boarding facilities promote attributes that encourage our rangatahi  to be independent, strong, confident individuals who are motivated and  positive “team players.”


This is a compulsory fee approved by the Ministry of Education and paid by parents/ caregivers to the Te Aute Trust Board (Proprietor for both Hukarere  Girls’ College and Te Aute College). It assists in supporting the school’s strategic development plan with building, compliance costs and insurance. For 2022, attendance dues have been waived.

Additional charges will be made for weekend activities (Boarders) and travel mileage when using the school vehicles.

The previous term’s account must be paid prior to starting back the next term. 

Fees Per Term – (Based on four terms per year and with no Allowance or Grant assistance). 

Fees are paid one term in advance with the weekly automatic payment starting at entry time (thus you will always be a term in advance). Boarding fees are reviewed annually and are linked to the Consumer Price index.

FEES FOR 2021 

Boarding Fees  Fees Per Term Total Fees Per Year for Boarders
5 / 7 Day Boarder(Compulsory) $2,558.75per term $10,235.00 per year
Weekend Activity Fee $150 per year

*If you are receiving a Ministry of Education Boarding Allowance please ensure that you are budgeting correctly for the shortfall. The Allowance DOES NOT  cover the whole boarding fee.

Full Uniform – Payable for Day Girls and Boarders  $279.00 $1116.00
Stationery Pack – Payable for Day Girls and Boarders $17.00 $68.00

*If you are receiving a Ministry of Education Boarding Allowance please ensure that you are budgeting for the shortfall.  The Allowance DOES NOT cover the whole boarding fee.

Non-payment of Fees

The Proprietors / Hukarere refer all unpaid accounts to Bay Collection for collection on our behalf. There are no exceptions and this will impact on your credit rating.
Do not start your daughter if you are hoping or waiting on a Grant or Boarding Allowance to be approved or are unsure how you will pay the fees. You need to know that the Grant or Boarding Allowance has been approved or have your finances confirmed prior to starting at Hukarere.

Māpihi Pounamu / Boarding Allowance

If this grant is approved we ask for a $40.00 a week auto payment to cover things not covered by this Allowance.  This is to be paid by weekly auto payment – no exceptions. This automatic payment will cover the shortfall of the Boarding Allowance.

Travel to and from School (Boarders)

This is the responsibility of parents, and tickets should be booked well in advance of holidays, please record term dates for reference.  If the girls have a distance to travel, money should be made available for refreshments on the way home.  Please note, Boarders will be taxied and charged if they need to be transported outside of normal travel days in the hostel. (The cost for a taxi to/from town is about $60.00 one way).

Notice of Girls Leaving / Other

When a student is withdrawn from school/hostel the Principal must be advised in writing immediately by email or phone.  If this notice is not given, there will be no refund of the levy for the term the student leaves in.

Students sent home for disciplinary reasons, or are stood down/excluded/expelled from the hostel – there is no refund of fees for this period of time.