Year 12 – Hillary Outdoors Tongariro Centre 22 – 27 March 2015

Hillary Outdoors Tongariro Centre

As part of the Year 12 Leadership Programme of Hukarere Girls College, the Year 12 students of 2015 will be spending a week at the Hillary Outdoors Centre based at Tongariro.  This will take place from Sunday 22nd March through to Friday 27th March 2015.

Hukarere Girls College will contribute to the bulk of the costs for this programme to go ahead but there will be a requirement of $100-00 from each student towards any additional costs. Please ensure that this payment is arranged with Richard Hocking from the Office prior to departure date for this camp.  Richard is more than happy to discuss setting up financial payments with you if this is necessary.

The attached form is a description of the Outdoor Pursuits Centre and the services they provide.  Please take note of the gear list that is required from the girls to bring back with them on their return to Hukarere Girls’ College in Term One 2015.

Also, please note the Medical and Consent forms that are a requirement from every student intending to take part of this Camp.  This must be returned to the office or to Mrs Ross when your daughter returns to Hukarere Girls’ College in 2015.

Hillary Outdoors Tongariro Centre